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Cow mother - she must be protected!

Cows in our Foundation are perfectly happy

Hand milking

We milk cows only with our hands since not to harm them and prevent injuries.

Family life

Cows, calves and bulls live together. They are happier and better together.

Cows are safe

Calves, bulls and cows live a natural life cycle. Throughout their life, we take care of them.

Free habitation

We do not tie cows. All the inhabitants of our foundation are free to move around the corral and pasture.

Sound nutrition

We do not use any additives to increase milk yield. Only organic balanced forage.

Caring with love

There are no random people in our foundation, but those who love and understand the importance of our business.

Our mission

«Mother cow is the personification of maternal energy. If there are no more cows left in this world, it will be deprived of its mother, thus other living beings will not be able to survive.»
(Mahabharata, Anushasana Parva)

Humanity owes its life to cows

How to feed cows?

Feeding cows it is not just alms to the hungry, it is an opportunity for people to earn real happiness, by making cows and bulls happy, it is a law of nature. The piety resulting from feeding a cow could never be broken. A cow replaces a human's mother all his life. It feeds us with breast milk and we get maternal love to the very old age.
200 RUB
Compound feedstuff for all calves 1 day
300 RUB
Hay for all calves 1 day
1500 RUB
Compound feedstuff for all calves and cows 1 day
3000 RUB
Hay and compound feedstuff for all calves, cows and bulls 1 day

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