Our team

Nikita Gennadyevich Kalugin

Foundation director

He was born on October 25, 1985, and now is the director of construction company OOO "Stroy Alliance". In 2017 he was engaged in charitable activities. Having studied the materials concerning the situation of cows and bulls as “mother and father” of human society, he decided to help these innocent living creatures. He believes that providing protection to cows and bulls, human society will become more cultural.

Alla Valerievna Gabarati


May 15, 1988, has a higher economic education, has been working as an accountant for 11 years. Polite, responsible and executive. Documents are always in order, all reports are delivered on time. She undergoes continuing education periodically. She loves her profession.

Lidiya Ilinichna Bedareva


Born April 25, 1948, higher education in construction, worked in the Belarusian Republican "Belpromstroy Bank" as a leading engineer. Now is retired, responsible, organized and principled. She loves cows very much, so much so that she bought one herself, although she lives in an apartment. Supports the foundation in all endeavors and strives to improve its activities.

The Cow Care and Protection Charitable Foundation “COW CARE SPACE” was established in 2019 as the idea of protecting and saving cows. We want to emphasize the importance of cow in society, as one of the mothers of man, to preserve this idea and leave it to future generations. People who buy dairy in stores should remember that milk is love given by a cow, like a mother breastfeeding her baby, cow feeds all humanity with its milk, and it must be respected and protected. We are one of the first in Russia to start taking care of cows.  We have created an eco-farm where cows and bulls are kept according to the Vedic principle of non-violence, we do not kill them and do not hand over to slaughterhouses. The scale of movement to protect cows is growing and gradually achieving a global trend, which can only be rejoiced. Take part now and help us save and take care of the cows. This is the only reasonable alternative to developing violence, wars and hunger, as well as climatic and environmental disasters that, as a result, occur due to violence against the cow mother. To restore the status of “mother” to a cow, lost by generations, our charity foundation “COW CARE SPACE” was created. Protection of cows is the task of the entire human society, only together we can fix the current situation and we are confident in loyalty of our chosen path. We want this to become an ideology for the future development of generations and an economic model, for preservation and prosperity of human society. The Cow Care and Care Foundation COW CARE SPACE is a real opportunity to help to protect cows and put an end to reckless cruelty towards them. Therefore, we humbly ask to help the cows, us and the entire human society to brighten future and leave our children a clean planet for life and proper spiritual development. After all, only we show our attitude to the world around us, our desire to take care of the future of the next generations.

Our message:

We value human society and want people to have the right to live a happy, prosperous life, and the status of mothers be restored to the cows.


Cow protection is a real opportunity to return humanity to prosperity and happiness.


To restore respect, position in nature and in human society, to restore the original status of cows: Cow is a Mother.

Protect as many cows, bulls and calves as possible from unjust violence.

To restore cultural traditions of animal husbandry and agriculture on the basis of the Vedic farm.

Our mission:

To educate people about the importance of a dignified attitude to the sacred animal, to involve people in such projects and to engage in idea of protecting cows based on Vedic culture, thereby stopping the destruction of cows.


Because of qualities and properties, a universal cow mother protects people from ignorance, increases a blessed state, relieves soul and body from diseases, and helps to achieve self-improvement.