How to protect cows?

You can finance the purchase of a land plot for grazing cows and harvesting feed for the winter period; I want to help!

We need our home! We collect on the office building where the head office of the foundation will be located, for convenient and efficient work of all the departments; I want to help!

You can also protect one of our calves, you can come to look after them, communicate or help financially — taking custody until the end of the animal’s life; I want to protect!

Make donations for the arrangement of barn, veterinary care, construction of canopies for calves, barn lighting, and a well to water supply; Make a donation!

Protect the pasture for cows with an electro-shepherd system to ensure control and safe grazing of cows and bulls; I want to help!

You can also disseminate information about our foundation, share a link to our website COWCARE.SPACE, disseminate information about the importance of cows for society and the current status of cow-mother, and bull-father of mankind. Distribute printed handouts. Make reposts on social networks: VK, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube

Become a volunteer to help take care of cows on the farm, carry out the necessary construction work, organize cultural programs and events to disseminate information about shelters; I want to become a volunteer!

To acquire construction and other necessary materials, utensils - for the development and support of cow protection programs; Connect with us!