What have we done

What has been already done:

  • 14 cows saved (3 heifers, 11 bulls)

  • Leased land plot of 15 hectares for grazing hay and feed

  • A canopy for cows and hay storage 9x9m is built

  • 3 volunteers help us.

  • Leased equipment: tractor, mower, baler.

  • Harvested in 2019 - 2,000 bales of hay and 1 ton of wheat for the winter.

What we do:

We are young organization aimed at protection and care of cows, we take care of them and save those cows that need to be surrendered to a slaughterhouse. We provide cows with timely veterinary care. Our cows are kept for life until the time of natural death. Cows have no restrictions for movement, which is very important for their well-being; they can freely move around the cowshed or corral; when it's warm, cows graze in the meadows and are looked after by qualified people. We don’t use any harmful food additives to increase milk yield, as satisfied cows give more milk if they like how they are cared for, and this is true. We do not separate cows with their calves. Cows, calves, and bulls graze on the field together as a family. Cows are looked after only by people who have undergone special training. We are developing the line of cow protection because we are sure that people should not treat these animals like that, cows milk all of mankind, the cow is one of our mothers, therefore it should be protected by civilized people.