Our wards

Bull Gopal

The eldest of the bulls is the elder. Born in 2011. Sick since childhood, the veterinarian said that he was a "non-resident." However, he survived and survives to this day. All the young growth follow him, but he himself loves solitude. A hidden character, but friendly, if someone unfamiliar wants to approach him, he immediately leaves.

Bull Muni

You can talk about this bull endlessly. Born in the summer of 2018. Very beautiful almost albino, contact, affectionate, not afraid of people, well trained. A little care, a little food, and he will be on your heels. Very smart and responsive, communicating with him gives a lot of pleasure and adds strength.

Bull Subal

Subal is the second oldest bull. Born in early 2012. Subal is an active young bull, kind and understanding, he is happy to be in the company of relatives. He doesn’t let himself be stroked, but when you remove ticks from him, he becomes humble and quiet.

Bull Tamal

Born in May 2016, from a cow that brought twins: a goby and a heifer. He is kind, not conflicting, quiet. Tamal usually grazes without touching anyone, he is pacified and finds pleasure in himself.

Bull Shany

Born in February 2017. It has an independent character. Often, he fights off the herd and leaves for unknown distances, so if you don’t follow then you have to look for him. Calm not aggressive but stubborn.

Bull Shyam

Born in February 2017. When he was little, he was the calmest of calves. Now he has matured, but as before he treats people with confidence. Lacquered and bold, he himself loves affection and tenderness.

Goby Arjun

Born in the summer of 2018. Handsome man. Of all the bulls, the most quick-witted, found a way out and ran away even where it seemed that there was no way out at all. Always loved freedom and therefore ran away constantly. Now his breath is filled with real masculine power. He is very strong and assertive. But he remained as kind as he was in childhood.

Goby Ashok's

Born in the spring of 2019. He is strongly attached to his mother, as, in general, are all children. Calm, obedient, always peaceful. He reacts restraintly to affection. The younger generation, we hope that will be a good support and help.

Goby Balaram

Born in January 2019, very young. Mamenkin son. He runs after his mother Srimata and still sucks her udder. He doesn’t get ironed, runs away, but if he sees something tasty in his hands, he immediately approaches and changes his mood. Balaram is naughty and fidget, growing up a healthy and strong future assistant.

Goby Krish

Born in the winter of 2019. Affectionate, has good contact with people, very peppy, likes to eat, especially whey, which remains after making cheese. He can drink it so much that it turns into a round barrel.

Cow Ananda

Born in 2014. Since childhood, it was touchy. She didn’t like to iron, she could buten. Now it has turned into a big cow, it doesn’t give milk, everything goes to thick sides. With age, she became calmer, but she still does not let herself be stroked. Very beautiful and vibrant, loves to play and frolic in the fields.

Cow Maya

Cow of cow. Born in May 2016. Always distinguished by independence and waywardness. He doesn’t let himself be stroked, he is very wary of people. She does not give milk and all her energy is deposited in the sides. Not a dozen tricks and something tasty are needed to talk to her.

Cow Shanti

Cow of cow. Born in the spring of 2018. Although she is now more than 1.5 years old, but there is not even a hint of the formation of an udder. It is not light in weight. It makes a peculiar contact if it sees something tasty in the hands of a person. Soma is calm and very friendly.